15 Seconds a Month: Reaching An Apnea Goal

March 21, 2013


In the past month I began a training regimen to increase my static breathhold by 15 seconds a month. My training regimen is simple and I have been diligently sticking to it and seeing progress. Before I explain it I will briefly elaborate on where I was when I began. By no means did I […]

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Natural Teeth Whitening with Activated Charcoal

February 4, 2013


Recently while chatting with a very attractive acquaintance of mine it occurred to me that her teeth were stunningly white and that mine were in desperate need of some stain removal. I vowed on the spot I would stop drinking coffee as it was likely responsible for the majority of dental yellowing. Since that moment I drink herbal […]

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Three 9″ Abalone and a 27″ Lingcod.

November 30, 2012


Saturday 11-24-12. I went with some friends to lend a hand helping them dive for abalone. My one friend had been a few times before and generally is pretty successful, for his younger brother who does not live in the area it was his first time, however he was an experienced cold water freediver and […]

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Multitasking near Jenner; Tips and Pointers for Crab, Abalone, Urchin, and Rockfish

November 11, 2012


With a kayak, crab traps, a pole spear, and an ab iron, a healthy variety of sea food can be harvested and hunted with a day’s effort. I chose the Jenner area because I knew the silt bottom bay where the Russian River meets the ocean would provide a good habitat for dungenous crab, and […]

Polespears and Blue Rockfish

August 29, 2012


Last weekend a good friend and I winded our way up highway 1 to Salt Point SP on the Sonoma coast. We made our pilgrimage with the intention of scouring the sea floor for abalone on what we prayed would be a beautiful day. It was. After evaluating the dive site and choosing our point […]

Advice to the Novice Abalone Diver

April 30, 2012


Only two seasons ago I went for my very first abalone dive during the season kickoff at Fort Ross. It was a thrilling adventure and I successfully took a limit of abalone on my first day. Since then I have gone many more times and with two exceptions I have always been capable of taking […]

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Kalalau Trail into the Heart of the Na Pali Coast

April 11, 2012


  I thought I would share a brief account of the overnight backpacking trip I did with some friends while I was in Kauai recently. The Kalalau Trail is arguably the most popular and well known backpacking trail in all of Hawaii. The NaPali coast offers stunning scenery on a remote part of the island […]

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